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Orange Ghost Stripe

Orange Ghost Stripe, recessive trait


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Orange Ghost Stripe is one of the most exciting genetics where currently working with ! There's still a wealth of combinations to make with them, and the ones we've seen so far have been some of the most awe inspiring animals we've laid eyes upon. Adding Sunfire, Albino, or Goldenchild into the mix have produced some of those amazing combinations, and who knows how many beautiful combos we have yet to see with this gene. Orange Ghost Stripe is allelic with Phantom, which means in this case breeding a Orange Ghost Stripe or het OGS to a Phantom will produce the sought after Cows; all white snakes with blue eyes that develop spots with time. 

Orange Ghost Stripe 66% pos het Albino Male
Orange Ghost Stripe 66% pos het Albino Female
ID # Ogs001F