Dwarf Retics are smaller growing snakes that originate from several different island localities, where they have adapted to harsher environments and the lack of large prey items.  They have all the intelligence, good looks, and charm that the "mainland" Retics have, but in a much more manageable package.  Pure blood Dwarf Retics attain adult sizes that vary depending on the exact local (we work with Selayers, selective Jampeas, Madus, Kalatoas, and a few others to keep our stock small), and are comparable to Carpet Pythons, and can be kept and bred in widely available caging and rack systems commonly used for much smaller species, such as smaller Boa Constrictors.  When crossed into the Mainland varieties, they can be used to scale down the size of popular morphs, putting them within the grasp of any keepers capable of handling a mid sized constrictor.  We use different localities with different morphs to bring out the best in each snake in terms of color and pattern.

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Dwarf Albino Genetic Stripe

Clark Strain Albino, Genetic Stripe

Dwarf Albino Sunfires

Dwarf, Clark Strain Albino (White, Lavender, Purple), Sunfire

Dwarf Anery Sunfire

Dwarf, Anery, Sunfire

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